Varalos, the Bloodied Nation

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Varalos, the Bloodied Nation

Post by Alith on Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:36 pm

Welcome to Varalos...

Varalos is a world governed by military might, and the ingenuity of the masses. Advanced by the brilliant marriage of steam and electricity, Varalos thrives in its understanding of sciences, and its strict adherance to progress. Varalosians have a tendency to be sceptical of new things and new people, often reacting vehemently to intrusion, before later adopting the ideals or creations of those long outcast. Shameless in their behaviour in this regard, the social elite maintain power through the three chambers of government: the military, the aristocracy, and the mercantile (or indeed inventing) classes. Due to this, gaining a military commission is seen as a great honour and something to strive toward for any good Varalosian citizen. Further than this, however, power is entirely devolved to a single city state: the country's capital, Ilith. It is here that government gathers, and therefore here that power dwells.
Among those discriminated against, those in possession of the supposedly rare gift of magic are demonized, hunted, and often killed. Those lucky enough to be born into money, yet cursed with magic are often bundled off to isolated towns or villages and never heard from again. Ilith's distaste of magic leads to few possessors of it to reside in the capital, instead finding shelter in smaller villages with less oppressive views. However, this can take a toll on townspeople harbouring these fugitives from the law, entire swathes of villagers being incarcerated based on the say so of a hate-driven lordling in possession of a new commission.
For the rich, Varalos is a heaven of convenience and invention. For the poor and the demonized, Varalos is a constant struggle to survive, indeed, it is a very Bloodied Nation.


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